3D Printing Services

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Need a specialized part made for that project you are working on? No problem! We are currently offering prints from a range of FDM and SLA style 3D printers. In other words, we have the capacity for prints ranging in size and shape, in a variety of plastics and other hybrid materials.

Click the "Click Here to Order a 3D Print" button above or use the "Contact Us" page to initiate your quote. For every different color you want to print, please submit a separate order (one filament color per order). You may submit as many models for printing in a single order as you would like, as long as you want them printed in the same color. Please place additional orders for additional colors, and I will adjust your shipping fee after you submit your order(s) for review. If placing multiple orders, shipping costs will be combined once we have reviewed your order(s).

Example Prints

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